Golf Club Trends For 2018

For those who think that golf clubs are stuck in age old management style, the reality would be a rude shock. In a world where long networking sessions in golf courses have been replaced by other ‘group building’ and gender sensitive exercises, golf courses have had to fight their own battle to stay relevant. Plantation golf clubs too have re-invented themselves from laid-back genteel clubs to more relevant family oriented venues.

Golf Club Trends For 2018

Go short: One of the reason France purportedly won the 2018 Ryder Cup bid is because the country agreed to develop shorter urban courses to encourage the game in the country. Consequently, today it has a number of small routes, some as small as 9-hole courses. The truth is that we are now in a fast paced age where people rarely have the time to spend half a day at a golf course. So, many golf courses now offer smaller routes apart from the traditional courses for the true enthusiast.

Flexible course: It started in 2016 and it’s an idea that has caught on. It calls for a more flexible routing with the course open to play from any direction or duration. Part of the reason is also to provide for a shorter course. But, it seems that this is one design trend that is here to stay.

Looking for membership: Gone are the days when a club membership was considered more elusive than a senatorship. While a handful of clubs may still claim mile long wait-lists and a stringent vetting process, most clubs today are aggressively pursuing future patrons. Clubs are now less discriminatory and more open towards a larger section of society.

It has also resulted in the expanding of club facilities. This is because people who can afford expensive golf membership are usually people with families and they are looking for something other than a one-stop golf course. In fact, even membership is no longer as expensive with many clubs offering a flexible payment option.

Open to female membership: This is one of the reasons behind the previous point. Women are now increasingly part of the decision making population. Even in a family, women have a much more significant say in where money should be invested, including decisions on golf club memberships. This has forced clubs to reevaluate their membership criteria and facilities. Apart from a more inclusive approach, plantation golf clubs have added facilities that would interest women and families, such as dining halls.

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