Baby Boomers Retirement in Senior Living Communities

The baby boomers are individuals born between 1945 and 1964. This population came of age during the civil rights movement and the desegregation period. Many baby boomers were drafted into service and witnessed the Vietnam war and the corresponding anti-war movement. Some of the characteristics that define this generation include independence, competitiveness, focus on wellness and health, valuing individuality and being open-minded compared to the generations before them.

Senior living communities in the retirement living facilities sector have changed a lot thanks to baby boomers. This sector has been growing very fast for the past couple of years, carving out a new niche altogether. These new facilities are encouraging wellness and a lot of activities for seniors living there. Previously, once a senior reached retirement age, the only option they had was joining a nursing home.

Baby Boomers Retirement in Senior Living Communities

Thanks to their belief that they have a choice and say in how they should spend their retirement, baby boomers have shaped senior living in the real estate sector. These senior living communities are vast and different from those of yesteryears because of the incorporation of many activities for residents of these communities. There are more sporting activities such as golf and tennis being advocated for in these communities. Equestrian communities are also available but these are not as common. Some of these living communities are created around a group with a common characteristic such as religious affiliation or even a national origin.

Additionally, the level of nursing and personal care required for seniors in a given senior living community also differentiates one community from the other. The most intensive care is given in nursing homes and skilled nursing facilities. The least amount of care is found in adult living communities where most of the residents can take care of themselves and do not need any extra form of care. Between these two extremes lies the middle ground comprised of assisted living facilities. Here, seniors are provided with some care but not so much. They can, therefore, live independently in homes and apartments. Baby boomers are advised to do their research thoroughly before deciding which community best meets their needs. In these senior communities, the neighborhoods were not designed as senior living retirement communities but they have a large population of older people. Most of the residents in these communities are aged 55 years and older.

Baby boomers are looking for something different and more inclusive even in their retirement. Many are opting to age in community instead of aging in place.

Written by The Village Of Bedford Walk, a senior living community in Columbia, MO.

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