Keylogger Software For iPhone and Android

Sometimes having a physical excess to the smartphone device of the person you want to spy on is not enough. The new and advanced smartphones like the android and iphones are secured with passwords and numbers so as to prevent leakage of information and reduce chances of snooping. Even children are known to allot passwords and locks to their screens and different apps downloaded to their devices so that their parents remain unaware about their misdoings if any. In such a situation there is only one thing that can help is the keylogger software which can be downloaded on the target app.

Keylogger Software For iPhone and Android

What does a Keylogger Software do?

A keylogger software is an app which when downloaded and installed on the target app, helps to track and monitor every key that is pressed on the device, be it for sending a text message or it may be for typing in a password or logging onto a website. Keylogger app records and shares the keys pressed in real time with the user of the keylogger software.

Let us look at the different keylogger available for android as well as iphones along with their uses and features:

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