Financial Sales CRM – Explosive Growth Of Your Profitability

The competition in today’s financial worlds is getting increasingly fierce. Financial organizations of any level needs to devise sophisticated marketing campaigns to attract new customers while establishing a loyal community of existing ones. At the same time, the sales representatives of any bank have to balance numerous responsibilities to close more deals even faster. The number of new bank customers is rapidly reducing, what makes many banks reconsider their marketing strategies and hurl all effort into working with the existing client database and increasing cross-sells. The most initiative marketers have already found an effective analytic tool to manage the client database and the name of this useful tool is Bpm’online CRM.

financial sales crm

Financial Sales CRM – Smart Cooperation with Customers

The bank managers are afraid that market environment is getting harder to adopt and financial institutions need more sophisticated tools for cooperation with their clients. Financial sales CRM are what help prudent banks survive difficult times by boosting up and cross sells while rivals are doomed to bankrupt.

Sales force automation software is a predicative automation system, which is meant to segment clients in the finest manner (retail business, corporate business, VIP clients, departing customers, loyal customers and so forth), take automated measures to retain them and prevent customer outflow. This program maximizes earnings from a certain client by increasing their buying life cycle and making a customer entrust more money to your bank. Financial sales CRM provides an exhaustive customer view and defines which marketing campaign will go for a certain client. Planning of a marketing campaign is conducted automatically by using all sorts of communication channels. It is worth noticing that once the marketing campaign is devised, it is highly personalized due to a smart segmentation of clients.

Process control automation creates a copious amount of individual strategies aimed to fight customer attrition. You will be able to generate different co-branding approaches with the help of financial sales CRM, for instance, through networks of ATMs. Just imagine a person withdrawing money from ATM sees an individual offer like joining to the loyalty program of your bank that will give your clients a special status or let them accumulate points and exchange them to various bonuses. In any case, a goal of this program is to increase the number of transactions and motivation to choose exactly your bank as a financial service vendor. Moreover, these personalized marketing campaigns are generated automatically by tracking and analyzing financial behavior of every customer.

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There is a rule: the more financial products a client uses, the more reluctant they are to switch to a different financial organization. The task is to sell a customer as many financial products and services as possible. By using a special marketing tool, the system will notify a client that they have not done any actions within their bank product or its period of validity is expiring. In turn, you will be able to offer a client products and services they need most.

Financial Sales CRM – Great Helper of a Marketing Department

Financial sales CRM defines several levels of marketing automation.

The basic part of the IT-solution – operational marketing. It includes marketing functionality, which allows managing of the marketing campaigns, and a module of a call-center. This level of automation is responsible for customers’ notification via multiple communication channels: SMS, emailing, calling or online chats in social networks.

 Analytic marketing is a progressive solution that segments the client database and analyzes the results of marketing campaigns. At this level you are capable of performing the following tasks:

  • Financial sales CRM manages a deep sifting of a purchase funnel;
  • Software estimates relevance of your bank products and services;
  • The IT-solution evaluates efficiency of the staff performance in accordance with established KPIs
  • Financial sales CRM automatically analyzes customer insights and generates the most relevant bank products and services, in which a client will surely be interested in;
  • The program develops individual proposals and forecasts a perspective profit from a targeted audience;
  • The cloud solution also monitors customer activity in the Internet that makes it possible to communicate with customers in social networks.

Many businesses are not willing to integrate financial sales CRM as they doubt about its efficiency. Nevertheless, this software can automate the next bank sections:

  • The ultimate management of a client base
  • Marketing
  • Up and cross-selling
  • Ongoing account maintenance
  • Loan application review
  • Communication between departments
  • Customer support management
  • Business analysis and appraisals

Since the work of all the bank departments can be easily automated, you can realize how astonishingly your expenses will be reduced! Integration of intelligent software gives you an immediate solution for all your business processes. In result, you will know your customer a little better and exploit every available resource to increase the bank’s profits while delivering customer service that is nothing short of flawless.

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