Moving To A New City: The Fear Of The Unknown

Moving to a new city is beyond all barriers of doubt one of the most beautifully dangerous challenges that someone is faced with. Leaving behind the comfort of known noises and nostalgia, a new city puts forth daunting tasks. Finding a place to stay, streets to move around, buses to travel, people to strike a conversation with and food to eat, what is unknown is often feared deeply. Having noted that, while most live and wait to die in the same corner of the world only the few fortunate ones get to travel and see the world.

Moving To A New City: The Fear Of The Unknown

An unquenchable thirst for adventure drives the desire the see new places, befriend people and appreciate the differences more than assess them. Tearing strings of loneliness gives birth to a sense of self-reliance and independence. An indispensible aspect of moving to a new city is to travel around and realize that the world is a beautiful place. A feeling of belongingness comes from loving the hidden stories of a city.

Starting afresh in an unknown land requires help, from people and technology alike. Locals, who have an in depth knowledge of the area can advice on places to go and ways to do things. It also enables us to connect to them and help nurture a strong relationship. Smartphone apps and Google Maps have become our backbone of navigation and travel advisor.

Inadequate finance is always crippling factor is setting up in a new place. High accommodation costs, coupled with heavy down payments invariably hinder the desired freedom to experience the beauty of the yet-to-be-seen. An effective way out is to share rented apartments with fellow mates. Transportation too, becomes difficult, in places with poor public transport facilities. Everyday commuting and weekend getaways often call for having a car. With car prices and EMI rates going up by the hour, an easier solution is to have cars on finance, which provides the relief to travel as you like. Spending wisely, more so during the initial days, is advised, to cope up with unforeseen predicaments.

People often struggle with food habits in different places. In the absence of homemade delicacies, developing a new appetite takes time. However, it also provides us an opportunity to explore new tastes and flavors. Language too, becomes a major barrier, especially in diverse countries, with mixed cultures. Communicating with people, especially when on the move, is a hiccup. Friendship and charm can, however, overcome boulders of language and culture! Health issues are another aspect of moving to globetrotters. Changing weather conditions and body adaptability does not always synergize. Health insurance policies while travelling places are a must, to avoid financial breakdown due behind healthcare.

People often leave, so they can come back to see the same place with new eyes. Leaving home to experience the world and then return is destiny. Everything in between is just the journey. It is time to go get a backpack and move on!

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