The Key To Losing Weight Without Starving Yourself

I’m sure you have all heard your share of news and recommendations about miracle diets that will help you lose inches of your waistline within weeks. Some of these work – but invariably lead to the thing called “yo-yo effect”, with you losing weight at first but putting back on more of it in the long run. Others don’t work at all, or only work in the case of the select few. But expecting to lose weight while eating is like expecting to win a jackpot at the every week: the theoretical possibility exists, but the probabilities strongly suggest otherwise. The key to losing weight is, as my personal experience shows, throwing your diet off balance.

I was an average guy with an above average waistline and weight – about 290 pounds at the end of last year. I preferred reading a book to going for a walk, I preferred a bag of chips to an apple, and eating chocolate while channel-surfing or browsing the web, hunting for bargains on Steam or visit facebook page in the evenings. Not that it would be a bad thing – but my metabolism is the greedy type, storing away every ounce of energy I put into it. By the end of last year I had trouble breathing when I had to use the stairs, and running to catch the bus was out of the question. I knew I had to change something – and I did, but it was not enough.

The Key To Losing Weight Without Starving Yourself

I decided to replace as much of the carbs in my diet with other stuff that has far less calories. Chocolate had to go – I replaced it with muesli bars and fresh fruit. Bread, pastries and bakery goods were out. No more chips and soda for me – I switched to mineral water instead, and chips were replaced by roasted nuts. But this was by far not enough for my considerable waistline to start to disappear. All I achieved was to improve my metabolism a bit and stop getting fatter by the day. I found a new state of balance.

Then I read an article that contained the keyword that changed the way I look on weight loss today: calorie deficit. The meaning of calorie deficit is to introduce less calories in your system than the quantity you consume every day, so that your body has to touch its reserves to provide the necessary energy. That was the moment when I decided, as I hate starving myself, to start working out and use a bike instead of public transport. And it finally worked.

The first month was tough – I was always extremely tired, and my muscles ached all day and night. But after a time the aches were gone, I found more energy, I lost over 30 pounds in 3 months, and I can finally sleep every night like a baby. I look better, feel better – and I like it.

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