Can Argan Oil Make Your Hair Grow?

Blame it on our lifestyle or our eating habit, we experience hair loss irrespective of what age we are at or gender. Whenever we comb our hair, several hair come in it and we seldom pay attention to this phenomenon until when we start to see the scalp of our head. Most of the time we move away by just blaming it on our genes.

Can Argan Oil Make Your Hair Grow?

WE do not realize that this can be due to various other reasons and the good part is that it can be stopped. The sad part is, people who are still suffering from hair loss have not heard about the benefits of argan oil and what role it can play in providing silky, flowing hair. You should consider using argan oil in case you are suffering from the curse of hair loss.

How Argan Oil can help your Hair Growth

Regardless of the present condition of your hair, argan oil provides essential nutrients which improve blood circulation of your head. The harmful effect of UV rays are reduces, hair follicles are strengthened and scalp is moisturized with the help of this oil. It also reduces the harmful effect of dirt, dust and harmful chemicals present in the atmosphere.

Can Argan Oil Make Your Hair Grow?

In the majority of the cases hair loss occurs because our scalp does not get proper blood circulation and argan oil helps in doing just that. The essential nutrients contained in argan oil helps in getting back thick black hair. The healthy condition of your scalp leads to dark black hair, meaning your will start looking young again.

Scalp of many people is dry and there is abundance of dandruff. These white flakes not only because our hair to look dull but they also have a social stigma attached to it. Dandruff build-up leads to clogging of pores which prevents fresh air from reaching our head. People with dandruff scratch their head more often, which causes hair damage. Argan oil moisturizes our scalp and helps in reducing the dandruff or eliminates it completely.

Can Argan Oil Make Your Hair Grow?

Argan oil helps in quick regeneration of hair follicle and prevents further damage. This oil makes our hair follicle strong so they can withstand harsh chemical from hair care products, UV rays, hair colouring, humidity and excessive sweating.

Argan oil is able to balance out loss of hair follicle with an equal amount of growth of hair follicle. When this balance is achieved hair loss is not noticeable. Research has been conducted and it has shown that with regular use of argan oil the growth rate of our hair increases. It can be said that it is a one stop solution to all your hair requirements.

Argan oil has made its presence felt across the globe. It is now been used by Hollywood personalities and is being readily accepted by fashion fraternity. This oil is been in use for more than three thousand years now. In the beginning it was used only by Moroccan people, but now people from across the globe have experienced its benefits.

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