Bangkok, The Very Core Of Thailand

Bangkok, a city to whom it doesn’t takes long to attract one’s attention, is one of the most significant cities in southeast Asia. It is the capital of Thailand and literally the centre of everything that dwells or goes in Thailand. Meanwhile, the city is also listed in the list of most popular tourist destinations in the world. Head to the city to explore-relish every aspect of it. For accommodation, there are plenty of good hotels and cheap options to choose fro; of which the 3 Star hotels in Bangkok are popular choice.

Bangkok, impressive yet still developing; busy yet quiet; modern yet old, is the capital of Thailand. It is one of the most celebrated cities in the entire world, and is a rapidly developing city. It is a city filled with sky reaching buildings, plush residencies, and people from all over the globe. About 95 percent of the total rich populous of Thailand live in Bangkok, and on the contrary a major percentage of Bangkok’s population is poor. It is one of the most vibrant cities that one has ever been to. It is the very core of the country’s commerce, politics, art & culture. The city is ten times bigger that next biggest city in the country and is home to not just the Thai people but it is also the foreign nations who have found their home in this welcoming city. The city is the centre of everything. It is the point from where branches the routes to different parts of the country, thus receives large number of visitors. In fact, according to data it is one of the most travellers-busy cities in the world.

Bangkok, The Very Core Of Thailand
Like every other metropolitan Bangkok suffers from downfalls of modernization. It is highly populated and polluted. The infamous traffic congestion of the city is worldwide known. However, before the lands of the city got clogged by unmindful demolitions and constructions, they were the place that were occupied by the canals, which explains the existence of boat houses and people selling goods on the boats even today in the city. Thailand, because of its canals that flowed through some of the most scenic spots in the city, was given the epithet of Venice of the East. However, with the influx of modernization the situation with the canals got worse. Many of them were used for drainage and some were filled to create streets. Nonetheless, the good thing is that the government is now vigilant, and undertook several endeavours to clean the existing canals and to bring them to their original glory.

An interesting fact about the city is that it has the longest name given to any city in the world. The world knows the city as Bangkok but the locals call it Krung Thep, which is the shorted form of the actual name which is 169 characters long. Another cool fact to know about the city; all the temples pictures that one finds in the Thai Baht coins are present in Bangkok. Meanwhile, for a tourist the city is simply brimming with tourist attractions. The sightseeing spots list is long, and exploring all requires four to five days. Meanwhile, finding accommodation in Bangkok is an easy task as the city is home to some of the best hotels. Lodging varies from cheap hotels to luxury hotels in Bangkok.

Simply put, Bangkok is not just the political capital of Thailand, but it is the beating heart of the country. It is an upcoming city fusing with modernization at a high rate. Home to some of the best 3 star hotels in Bangkok, excellent restaurants, multiplexes, and several other aspects of modernization and tourism, the city is a bliss to the seekers of fun holidays.

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