Proving Negligence In Bicycle Accident Cases  

One of the most important aspects in any compensation claim is proving negligence or liability. Whether you were hit by another car, were thrown from your bike after hitting an especially large pothole, or slipped on spilt diesel, it may be possible for you to claim compensation from the negligent party; compensation that can be used to pay for repairs to your bike, cover any earnings that you lose as a result of taking time off work, and as compensation for the injuries and mental anguish that you suffer.

If it is safe to do so, and if you are able to do so, you should consider taking photographs immediately after the accident. The quality and resolution of photos taken on camera phones has improved considerably, and most of us carry a mobile phone with digital camera attachment everywhere we go. Take photos of the other vehicle, as well as your bike, and if you are claiming that road conditions played a part then take relevant photos of the road itself too.

Proving Negligence In Bicycle Accident Cases

You should always exchange contact details with the other party, following any type of accident, and if you are involved in an accident with a car then the driver should report the accident to the police. However, you may want to ensure that this has been done by contacting the police yourself. The police will speak to you, the driver, and any witnesses that saw the incident or its aftermath. You should also allow the paramedics to treat you, and to check you over. Not only can this help during your compensation claim but it could help identify any injuries that you are not aware of, giving you a greater chance of making a full physical recovery.

The body will be fuelled by adrenaline following most accidents, and this means that you may not feel some of the injuries you have suffered straight away. What’s more, if your body has gone into shock, the paramedics will be able to determine whether you have suffered any injuries and they will be able to ensure that you receive the appropriate treatment.

Your solicitors may call upon expert witnesses to help prove liability. They may also use details of similar accidents and near misses that have occurred at the same spot, especially if you are claiming that poor road conditions or road signs led to the accident. They will gather information from you, they will attempt to speak to witnesses, and they will use any other means of gathering the information necessary to prove liability.

Proving liability is the biggest part of any compensation claim, and as long as this can be done successfully, it means that you will be entitled to compensation. Again, your solicitor will be called upon to help calculate the actual financial cost of your accident. Some allowance is given for the physical and mental injuries that you suffered, while you should be compensated for any costs including repairs to your bike and the cost of recovery.

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