Tips On How To Survive Your First Year At University

For those who are off to university this September, you might be starting to feel anxious and wondering if you’ve made the right decision after submitting your applications to UCAS. Sometimes you need to take risks in life, and to be honest, most people when they get to university love it! There can be a few things that make you doubt that you’ve made the right decision when you get there. So to help you put your mind at ease, here are some of the biggest problems you might face during your first year at university and tips on how to get through them.

Tips On How To Survive Your First Year At University

Feeling Homesick

Once you’ve come down to earth from fresher’s week, many begin to feel homesick and doubt their decision to have gone to university.  Ways to avoid this is by taking visits home at weekends and inviting your family and friends to  come and visit you once in a while to show them around your new home city for the next three or so years. If your family and friends live far away, skype calls are always great so you can see them as well as hear them. You could give them a tour around the flat with your webcam, as long as it isn’t too messy of course.

Tips On How To Survive Your First Year At University

Meeting Deadlines

As you will have already heard, university focuses a lot more on independent study and you don’t get as much nagging from your teachers than you will have in high school or college. You are expected to meet the deadlines and hand in work on time. After all, you are paying 9k to do so (how depressing does that sound). To ensure you meet deadlines, a good way of doing so is to give yourself mini-deadlines of when different parts of your work should be done. That way you will be confident that you will meet the deadline and don’t have to try and cram it all in last minute before the deadline.

Avoiding Distractions

If you live in student halls, such as Urbanest, it can be hard to avoid distractions. Whether that’s because someone is practicing there guitar in a room across the corridor or someone is throwing a pre-drinks party whilst you are having a late night revision cram and you are tempted to go and join in.  In order to revise and do your assignments, a great idea is to keep your social areas and working environment separate. For example, do revision and assignment in the library (where there are minimal distractions), and then you go back to your digs and join in with the fun with your flatmates and friends.

Tips On How To Survive Your First Year At University


Money is a worry for many students going to university. Especially. due to current tuition fees. To make sure you can live comfortably, get a pen and paper and work out roughly how much you will spend on food, travel, food and social a week. You may need to get a part time job to ensure you have enough to live comfortably. Try and stick to your budget during the month and then if you have anything left over at the end of the month you can go into town and buy yourself some new lovely clothing.

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