When To Book A Cancellation Holiday

Many holidaymakers see booking a cancellation holiday, often referred to as a last minute deal, as a bit of a scramble but there is in fact an art to booking a decent deal that suits your budget as well as your wants and needs.

Here we explore when is exactly the right time to book a cancellation deal to snare a bargain getaway whether you are travelling alone, as a duo or have the whole family coming along.

When To Book A Cancellation Holiday


If you are intending to book accommodation and flights separately, then knowing when to book a flight is an important part of the bigger cancellation holiday picture. Legend has it that if you book exactly 21 days before departure then this is the best time to book a seat at the lowest possible price. Whilst many airlines differ, the majority tend to check how many seats are left at the three week mark meaning any remaining seats are sold at low, low prices.

Booking for a certain day is also recommended as whilst Fridays and Sundays command the highest prices, mid-week (Tuesday and Wednesday) unlock the best bargains.


Your cancellation holiday wouldn’t be complete without somewhere to stay. Whilst many may think that booking a deal that someone else has cancelled is scrapping the barrel, booking a cancellation holiday is a sure fire way to bag 5 star accommodation at a 2 star price point. Book around six to eight weeks in advance and schedule your flights to arrive at the cheap as chips mid-week mark.

The Whole Package

Booking the entire package at around six to eight weeks before departure is an excellent way to unlock a cheaper price all-round. There are many tour operators such as http://www.cheapbeachholidays.co.uk/cancellation-holidays that specialise in last minute and cancellation holidays so head to these for the best deals.

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