Are We Truly Prepared To Face Global Water Crisis?

Since generations, mankind has been exploiting natural resources like water for personal benefits. One side effect of this undue exploitation is that our environments are getting increasingly polluted and it is high time that we take some corrective measures for our survival on this planet. Unfortunately, most people fail to realize the consequences of pouring tons of waste into our present sources of fresh water. In fact, nobody is willing to dirty his hands for cleaning environments, with everybody passing on the responsibility to the next person. It is already time that every individual made a contribution to improving the state of things, else it may be too late!

Are We Truly Prepared To Face Global Water Crisis?

With the increase in population, there has been a corresponding increase of waste entering the resources of fresh water. As per estimates of the Water World Assessment Program, globally we are dumping two million tons of waste into our water systems everyday. The scenario is worst in developing nations, wherein seventy percent of industrial waste is drained into water as they have not yet framed appropriate laws or precautions to be taken for keeping natural sources of water unpolluted. In the US, agricultural waste is a major source of polluting water. Excess of fertilizers and other wastes are getting pumped in natural sources of water like rivers, lakes and oceans. Though the US banned using DDT during the 1970s, traces of the chemical continue to be found in its oceans till date.

Fortunately, Mother Nature has been kind to our country and we have an abundance of natural sources. This has led many to believe that we shall never fall short of water. However, twenty percent of worldwide populations are unable to get safe and clean drinking water. Twenty percent of global population is gigantic 1,200 million! In certain regions this problem has become so acute as to become a major cause of death of children before they are five years of age. Scientists warn us that in the not too distant future we too may be exposed to similar circumstances unless we start taking remedial measures at the earliest.

Certainly, we can’t allow circumstances to take such a shape as to reach a level that our children wither and finally die due dehydration as a result of our failure to provide potable water. You may be considering that keeping water sources free of pollution is a Herculean task,  and only the government needs to act and frame laws for keeping the environments healthy for us. But it is not so. Unless every individual makes a contribution to preservation of natural resources and keeping the environment unpolluted, it will be too difficult to achieve our goal.

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