Importance Of Women’s Self Defense Programs

Most women do not realize just how important it is to know how to defend themselves against an attack. Most rapes are committed by someone the woman knows and is the most common crime against women. Women are often assaulted by men due to the fact that most believe women will not fight back. Of course, the best way to prevent any crime is to avoid such situations; however, being in certain situations are often not avoidable, such as getting into your vehicle after work, parking your car on the street at night, or even jogging in your neighborhood.

Importance Of Women's Self Defense Programs

The Bureau of Justice published a report that showed 40% of all rapes take place in the woman’s home. You may have tried to avoid situations as not bringing home a stranger or never going out at dark alone and you are attacked. The only recourse now is to fight for your own survival. You cannot expect the person to rape you and just walk away. If he does, he may believe that he can attack you again or he may end up injuring or killing you so you never tell anyone that you were raped. The best thing for any woman to do is to learn self defense. You do not want to become a victim or stay in your home scared to live your life.

According to recent reports, a 21 year old woman has a 25% chance of being a victim of a violent crime at sometime in her life. With those kinds of odds against you, it would be best that you learn how to protect yourself in the best manner possible to avoid any type of attack.

What many women do not realize is that they may want to take evasive action such as hiding, or getting the law involved via filing criminal charges or getting a restraining order. The sad news is that many of these women that took this path ended up murdered. In most cases, trying to hide in your home when there is an attacker is not going to stop them from searching every closet and every room, filing any type of report with the police may only cause the person to become angrier which may escalate the situation. The best way to protect you is to learn self defense.

In too many cases, women believe they must take the hits from their husband, stand down to a carjacker, and even just accept the rape. Surrendering has been taught to women for years such as being told a few years back not to fight back if attacked as this can cause the man to become angry and he may harm you. Being raped is being harmed and women should fight back and stop the attacker. In today’s society, you hear more and more cases of women standing up against their attackers with the outcome of them staying alive and their attacker going to jail. In the past, women were attacked and were afraid to speak a word as they were often put in the place of the person that did something wrong. This is no longer the thinking of the majority and it is time for women to fight back by learning self defense. To learn more visit Toronto.

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