Genuine OEM Car Parts or Aftermarket Parts? Which Should You Go For?

If, like many others across the UK, you’d much prefer to carry out repair CMGJ5s and servicing on your car yourself as opposed to paying a small fortune to have a garage do it, good on you! Whilst there’s numerous things which it’s not usually possible for us to do ourselves on our cars anymore due to the complexity of engines and the level of specialist equipment required, when it comes to the likes of brakes, clutches, service parts (filters and oil and the like) and other such replacement parts, there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t carry out the work yourself. Of course, it helps if you have an idea as to what you’re doing, however in short, there’s nothing to stop you doing work on your car should you choose to do so.

Genuine OEM Car Parts or Aftermarket Parts? Which Should You Go For?

The big question when it comes to carrying out repairs and servicing, however, is whether you should purchase genuine OEM parts as specified by the manufacturer or should you go for aftermarket parts and save yourself a few quid? In order to shed some light on the subject, we’ve teamed up with genuine Honda car parts dealer, Cox Motor Parts.

Above all else, it’s important to understand that only genuine OEM parts are guaranteed to maintain the level of performance in your vehicle. If you take the decision to fit aftermarket parts, there’s always that risk, according to the manufacturer, that performance won’t be the same due to the fact that only their own genuine parts are manufactured to a certain specification and the right level of tolerances.

Of course, the main attraction of aftermarket parts for many is the financial savings to be had and there’s no denying that in most cases they are cheaper. A lot of the time, however, aftermarket parts generally aren’t THAT much cheaper than OEM parts and, as such, for the sake of saving just a few pounds, it’s not worth risking your car’s performance.

Added to this is the fact that you’ll generally find it far easier to find the exact part you want when buying genuine OEM parts, with aftermarket ranges being notorious for offering so many variations that it can be difficult to know you’re buying the right parts.

Above all, when it comes to replacing parts on your car or carrying out repairs, as far as we’re concerned, you simply cannot afford to skimp on quality if you want to maintain it’s performance and the only way to ensure that is to fit only genuine OEM parts to your vehicle!

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