Nano-Coatings Will Revolutionize Waterproofing

This isn’t just a waterproofing spray, this is what Nanex the makers of AquaShield call a nano-structured superhydrophobic coating. For the average person that means it’s a waterproof spray made from nanotechnology, and it may be the best waterproof spray in the world.

Nano-Coatings Will Revolutionize Waterproofing

Nanex’s AquaShield waterproof spray promises to be super easy to apply and affordable, while being non-toxic and 100% eco-friendly, but how well does it work? The video below demonstrates a number of textiles coated in the superhydrophobic spray that seem to not even be touched by the fluid poured over them… including red wine and soda.

Have you ever seen wine poured on fabric and cleaned up with nothing but a dry paper towel? That is an entirely new level of stain protection.

Not just a new waterproof spray, Nanex’s AquaShield coating approaches the science of water repellency from a new angle all together. The superhydrophobic coating works by impregnating the fabric on a molecular level with billions of sub-molecular structures called nano-polymers. Each nano-polymer creates a surface that naturally increases surface tension in water causing it to run from the material.

There’s no downside… really. Thanks to nanotechnology this is a responsible alternative to harmful technologies in the past, but it’s also a more potent water repellent, and Nanex states that the AquaShield waterproof coating will last two years with no need for reapplication every rainy season.

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