Toyota Announces Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Vehicle “Mirai”

Fuel cell autos seems like the dream, Toyota Corp. Has announced the name of its FCV (Fuel-cell vehicle) hydrogen model, and it will be called as Mirai, (means future in Japanese term) Toyota is now making a huge bet on FCVs. It has teamed with Air Liquide to build 12 hydrogen stations in New York, Corolla-size four-door sedan that goes on sale next year end or 2016 earlier. The new sedan it can travel 300 miles which is nearly 480km with a single tank of hydrogen, and advanced details of the collaboration between Toyota and Air Liquide will emerge over the coming months. Toyota Corp. Also offer 36-month lease option to its customers with $3,649 signing at $499 per month. Toyota plans to go on sale in japan on spring season and in U.S and next in Europe countries.

“The future is here. And it is called Mirai “: this is how Akio Toyoda, CEO of Toyota, completed the presentation of the first fuel cell sedan that the Japanese manufacturer will on the market next year. The result of more than ten years of study, Mirai is the production version of the FCV concept unveiled last year at the Tokyo show. His name simply means “future”.

Toyota Announces Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Vehicle "Mirai"

Watch out, the design may shock. Toyota has not softened the lines of the concept, on the contrary, with this front bumper with prominent air intakes, the brake line on the side of the hood, the very pronounced rear shoulders etc. The Mirai is a sedan 4.87 meter long to resemble a liner. Soon we will ask the question Toyota to what extent the hydrogen technology this model have affected his line.

Toyota has not yet revealed the technical details of its Mirai, this should be done very quickly. However, we know that for reasons of economies of scale, some components are common with home HSD hybrid technology, especially in the version that will power the future fourth-generation Prius Toyota, expected in late 2015 or early 2016. For its part, the fuel cell has an energy density of 3 kW / liter and displays a range of over 500 kilometers. Recharging the reservoir takes less than five minutes.The cars emit only water vapor as oxygen from the air is combined with hydrogen fuel to produce electricity in the fuel cell

This Toyota Mirai, expected to be sold next year at 7M yen (about $60,300/ 48,000 euro rate approximately), Also Honda announced a fuel-cell car it’s going to sale globally in 2016 of march.

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