Apple iPad Web Traffic Dominate In North America Accounted For Nearly 80%

Apple iPad set a new trend in iPad sales, it completely dominating web traffic, The statistics don’t include the iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3 tablets, According to the reports of Add network and Market research firm Chitika said in a report Thursday, the Apple iPad is still the most popular tablet in North America. By September North American web traffic for analysis of various tablet, Chitika said the iPad accounted for 79.9% share, down slightly from 81 percent a year earlier, iPad users generated the largest quarter-over-quarter usage share increase of any tablet brand at 1.9 percentage points.

According to the 4th quarter reports from Chitika’s data, so do not include iPad Air 10 beginning of May 2 and iPad Mini on sale traffic 3. According to Chitika said the discount sales of existing models also help to improve Apple’s iPad accounted for in network traffic.

Apple iPad Web Traffic Dominate In North America Accounted For Nearly 80%

Chitika said in the report, “Before this year’s new iPad sale, including Best Buy, Target and Staples, including retailers of iPad Mini and Air discount sales, which could help to improve the iPad’s share of traffic in the network. While Apple claimed that in the past few quarters tablet PC sales appear landslide, in the US market is not the case, as the market research firm IDC pointed out, the United States led the growth of the tablet PC market. “

Amazon Kindle Series Tablet with a 6.7 % market share in the second place, unchanged from a year earlier; Samsung’s market share rose from 5.1 percent to 6 percent over the same period last year, came in third place. For the first seven months of this year launched a six new Tablet model in the US market – more than doubled last year, in all the Tablet PC manufacturers, the largest increase in market share of Samsung.

Microsoft ranked fifth behind Google, it also saw a small bump of 0.6 percent sales on 2013 with surface 2 sales, market share rose 1.6 percent from the same period last year to this month 1.7 percent. Chitika noted that Microsoft’s traffic data does not include “the notebook similar to the Surface Pro”, but benefit from the Surface2.

Chitika said, “because of Amazon, Apple, Google, Sony and other brands are sold at Christmas or pre-season introduced a variety of Tablet PC products, competitive North American market is still intense.”

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