Amazon Prime Customers Is Now Eligible For Unlimited Photo Storage

Amazon offers prime photo service to its customers now have unlimited cloud storage for pictures, but so far only in the United States. It offers unlimited on photo storage service only, but not on video storage service, Amazon allows videos under 20 minutes to be uploaded to Cloud Drive, Users can view uploaded photos through televisions connected to Amazon Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, Sony Playstation 3 and 4, and Smart TVs from LG and Samsung.

From this extension of the Offer, Amazon apparently hoped to be able to move more users at the end of a paid Prime subscription. Prime photos is basically an extension of Amazon’s Cloud Drive.

Ben Schachter analyst at Macquarie Capital said over all 20 million Prime customers can use the new Prime photos, similar to the storage services Drobpox, Apple iCloud, One Drive or Google Drive, store digital files in the cloud and access them from a variety of devices on it. Images can be uploaded to the Amazon Cloud in full resolution of mobile devices running iOS, Android and on the Web from Mac and Windows PC. Fire tablets and Fire phones, The retrieval is additionally via the set-top box Fire TV, the recently introduced Fire TV Stick, the Playstation 3 and 4, and selected Smart TVs from Samsung and LG possible. Including raw files.

Amazon Prime Customers Is Now Eligible For Unlimited Photo Storage

Users of Amazon Cloud Drive are regardless of a Prime membership generally 5 GB of free disk space. This ranges according to Amazon for around 2000 photos. Owners of the Fire tablet and the Fire Phone could have an unlimited amount Upload in the Amazon cloud taken with the devices or images stored on it too far.

A Prime membership costs $ 99 in the USA. There you includes a guaranteed delivery within two days for 20 million items, streaming movies and TV shows via Prime Instant Video as well as access to Prime Music and the Kindle Lending Library. The idea behind Prime is that customers who opt for a membership, are more active and ultimately spend more money on Amazon.

Amazon Prime through photos can attract more subscribers, is expected to open his account. For the provision of unlimited storage space for photos, thanks to the infrastructure of Amazon Web Services no great cost to the online merchant. Microsoft makes it similar to the OneDrive unlimited storage for Office 365 subscriptions with charges of $10 per month. Google charges $10 per month for 1 TB of Google Drive storage.

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