HP Smart Watch Is To Provide A Battery Life Of A Week

In favor of a longer battery life HP dispensed with the Smart Watch MB Chronowing to features such as a pedometer or heart rate monitor. The Smart Watch will be available in two versions from 7th November on $ 350 and $ 600.

The beginning of August already announced the HP-SmartWatch MB Chronowing to offer compared to the previously available Android-Wear Watches by Samsung, LG, Motorola or Asus as well as the upcoming Apple Watch a significantly longer battery life of about one week. This is clear from an interview in the Wall Street Journal with fashion designer Michael Bastian, who designed the clock.

HP built not around a huge battery into the SmartWatch, but reaches the extended battery life by sacrificing a number of the usual features. The HP comes Chronowing example, without a touch screen and is not served with wiping gestures, but with three buttons. Furthermore, the LC-display is monochrome and shows a rendered dial. According to the fashion designer would use this anyway to 99 percent of the time. In addition, HP microphone, pedometers and heart rate monitor has been omitted in favor of a longer battery life.

HP Smart Watch Is To Provide A Battery Life Of A Week

The 44mm stainless steel smartwatch packs, smart features engineered by HP such as E-mails, text messages, appointments, weather information, stock prices and other information can collect in connection with a smartphone. The notifications appear only subtly. The clock does not also acoustically vibrated and also emphasizes restrained, the designer explained to the Wall Street Journal. “How often have you been eating, and someone saw constantly on his smartphone after?” His new clock was intended, their means “to make polite” with only inconspicuous glances on the wrist and the less frequently than technically overweight wearables.

In addition, it is possible to control the music player a connected cellular phone from the SmartWatch. The MB Chronowing runs as already known not with Android wear, but can be both an iPhone (from 4S) or Android Smartphone (version 4.3) connect.

The appearance of the Smart Watch is based on the classic men’s watch with a large case and a round dial. Fashion retailer Gilt sold the MB Chronowing from November 7 in two versions. From the Limited Edition Black come only 300 pieces of the high price of $ 650 in sales. The model is protected with sapphire crystal and has a bracelet made ​​of genuine alligator leather. The basic model is a slightly less exclusive, costs $ 350 and is accompanied by three interchangeable bracelets made ​​of brown leather, black rubber and olive green nylon.

HP wanted to go with the MB Chronowing a different way and to stand out from competing manufacturers, it only contributed by the technology and concepts on the collaboration with Bastian. To match that with Gilt.com a specialized on fashion products online retailer brings the Smart Watch exclusively in the sale.

“The usefulness and functionality of the clock was very important for me,” citing Applies the designer. “You should not replace the phone, but will connect to it. Therefore, minor features were omitted to make the experience and functionality of the clock better and more intuitive for the support. “According to Bastian result was mainly due to the equal cooperation of its design team with technicians from HP at. “Through this approach can be found in the finished product the best of the worlds. It is smart, but it also looks good. “

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