Young Boy Maqsood Khan Was Killed By A Tiger In Delhi Zoo

A young man who was suffering from mental health problems was killed by a white tiger Delhi zoo, few of the eyewitness said climbed over a tree and fell in the moat, or accidently jumped into the fence. The officials and the zookeepers could not save the boy’s life; officials took almost 15 minutes to get at the spot after the situation occurred.

It was reported that the boy was suffering from the mental health problems, in the moat of the tiger was not supposed to hurt the boy starting 4 minutes, the outside people taught to scare the tiger and wanted to walk it away from the boy but all it happened so quick. The tiger was giant comparing with the boy it simply took its prey. All the officials and the eyewitness, people said “that there was nothing wrong with the tiger because it is a wind creature, it was the boy’s fault.

Eyewitness Vijay said that he was watching the boy for 15 minutes after he fell in the moat, people called for the help. It was too late with a rescue team to appear at the spot. After the boy killed the government’s Ministry of Environment & Forests said that 20 years old Maqsood Khan was suffering from mental health problems. The local people said that he was a daily wage worker earning little money.

Young Boy Maqsood Khan Was Killed By A Tiger In Delhi Zoo

It is not yet clear that how the boy enter the moat, but the Zoo officials said that he might have climbed into the enclosure and guard tried to stop him entering. The Zoo officials said that the National Zoological Park is absolutely safe, there are no risk way to enter into the cage of any animals it was totally the boy’s fault and the animal was wild said Amitabh Agnihotri.

The tiger was strong enough of about 470lbs, and the people at the spot said that the young boy lost his balance and fell about 18 feet high and he might have broken his legs or some other body parts, was unable to walk away from the spot and was completely helpless.

After the incident took place Maqsood khan body was in there for up to 2 hours, maybe he could be saved if the rescue team was within the zoo. After this incident Anonymous people in social network and blogs said that every zoo must have special securities at every wild animal cage who knows could happen in the next second.

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